Saturday, 30 June 2012

GLoW triumph at the SICBA's

Woke up this morning to the amazing news that my Glasgow League of Writers buddies won big at the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards last night.

Gordon McLean took the Best Comic Award for No More Heroes and John Lees took the Best Writer Award for his work on The Standard amongst others.

It rounded off what was a fantastic day for GLoW and what has been an amazing year. When I started the group and sat down at the very first meeting I didn’t know then that two of the faces staring back at me would go on to be award winning writers.

Gordon’s No More Heroes was one of the very first scripts we workshopped at GLoW and while we can’t take any credit for making it better (it already was great) it holds special memories for us all.

To see a comic go from script to concept art to roughs and on to finished art. To see the completed comic, read the reviews and then watch it become an award winner is very special indeed.

Gordon is a top bloke and too big a talent for comics to hold. Watch out for an amazing film project soon and some other projects.

John Lees took the award for best writer. Certainly, the best unsigned writer in the UK at the moment. If you don’t know his name or his work at the moment, then mark it well. You will soon enough.

John manages all of this by being a genuinely nice guy and has remained so for the time I’ve known him. You could trust him with your wife, your wallet, your kids and your dogs. Hell, you could even trust him with your comic collection!  No one deserves their award more than John.

I'm proud that both of them are members of GLoW and have both played a major part of it being what it is and I'm proud that my friends got the recognition they deserve. Well done guys,

GLoW 1 – our anthology was a resounding success at the Glasgow Comic Con and features the work of both award winners.

Gordon Robertson

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