Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hey there people! 
How've you been? Good? Yeah, I know it's been a while... my bad! In my defence though there's been a whole load of stuff going down since the last time we spoke. But then again, don't take my word for it... 

First up; the long awaited and mind-blowingly great "No More Heroes #1" written by Gordon McLean with art from Caio Oliveira is now out there for your torrenting pleasure. Already hailed as an 'overnight success'; if you haven't got your hands on it already, do it! Do yourself a favour.
The Official No-More-Heroes Page

Next up is the release of "Taking Flight" #1 written by Stephen Sutherland with art from Garry McLaughlin. With the original "black and white" run selling out, you can (and should!) still get your hands on a digital copy here if you just can't wait (which you shouldn't!) for the full colour copies making their way to shelves in April.

Also, this week saw the latest instalment in the ArseCancer Epic (Yes, in this case 'Epic' deserves the capital letter.)
Check it out here...

And of course the mighty Jonbot vs. Martha.
Which is over here...

Oh and by the way; you can check back here every Tuesday from now on for your weekly GLoW dosage. If by any freak occurence I don't post (i.e. death, dismemberment or momentary amnesia) then just give me a kick in the shins or hit me up on Twitter @JMcCusker24



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