Monday, 20 February 2012

Alright you lot? How's things? Having a good week so far? That's good.
As always, there's been a whole lot of awesome stuff going on this week. 
Here's the latest...

First up, as some of you probably know, over at, our very own John Lees released the cover art for his The Standard #3 (drawn by the incredible Jonathan Rector.)

Recieving 7 (SEVEN!!!) nominations at the Eagle Awards in London this coming May, the Standard is not to be missed! I just feel sorry for the skunk...
(You can catch John on Twitter at @johnlees927

Next up is the one and only Gordon McLean's ongoing short film project 'Dying Light'.

Aside from telling you that it will be coming to us from an award-winning crew of film makers (2009 Bafta Scotland New Talent Award for Multimedia) who have produced numerous short films and TV content for the likes of BBC Scotland, Scottish Screen, the UK Film Council, STV to name a few, I don't think I need to say much more about it... 
It looks amazingly good. Just look at that poster!
 For more on Dying Light, check out;

(You can also catch Gordon on Twitter at @scripted_rants)

In other news, if my calculations are correct; today is Monday and that can only mean one thing.
Another latest installment in Colin Bell's JonBot vs. Martha epic is upon us, and for all you crazy internet kids out there, it looks like this one's just for you...

If that's not enough, GLoW is going to hold a table at the upcoming Comic Mart at the QMU in Glasgow on the Wednesday April 25th. There's going to be a whole load of cool stuff on sale and it's always a great way to pick up something new. (More details will follow.)

Right, okay...  
Yup, I think that's it for now! As always, feel free to leave a comment on here to let us know what you think and don't forget to check us out on the Twitter and Facebook.

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